Friday, March 3, 2017

What the word Orwellian means to me

I believe the word Orwellian has to do with the destruction of

matter what it may be. But the way I see is that it has to do with the

destruction of human welfare. In today's world the main focus that everyone

is on is whether or not they're good enough, good enough to be with that

person, good enough to hang out with those people, or if they're good enough

to own a certain type of clothing or a certain type of car or  whatever it may

be. Society is so based around on what other people think or feel about

certain things or about certain people and so every body tries to do whatever

they can just so they can please everyone else and so they aren't looked at as

an outsider or someone different. But the world shouldn't be like that there

should be people that are interested in different things and they shouldn't be

looked at as an outsider just because they're different and people should be

able to do whatever they want in this world without having to worry about

what other people have to say about it.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

If you could spend 15 minutes with anyone, living or dead, who would it be? Why?

If I had the chance to spend fifteen minutes with anyone I would choose my mother.

I would choose my mother because I regret so many things that I have done or said to her, not

only would I wanna apologize to her but I would want to spend more time with her to find out why

she left or what has happened to her. Not knowing what happened to her breaks my heart

every day knowing a good majority of everyone gets to have fun and live there life with there

mom makes me upset that I took even seeing my mom everyday for granted because you

never know what's going to happen and you never know when the last time your going to see

them, I made the mistake of taking her for granted like I said earlier the night before she

disappeared I was at the mall with my little sister and friends and I was upset with her because

she would not let me and my little sister spend the night at my friends house, so when we came

home I was angry with her and i didn't not talk to her at all, but the next morning she had gotten

up to leave for work she woke me and my sister up to give us a kiss and tell us goodbye and

she then walked out the door and that was the last time I ever seen my mom, it now has been

ten months since then, and I would give anything in this world to change that night or day, or just

to have her back in my life.

What goals do you have? How do you intend to move towards these goals?

The question as to what are my goals come up a lot, whether it be what are my goals in life, school or physically. I don't believe a day goes by that I don't get asked this question, and my answer is very simple depending on what your asking. My goals in life are to simply be successful, to live in a nice house, have a big happy family and not to have to worry about paying bills or if i have enough money to afford something that I want or need. My goal in school is to graduate on time, then head on my way to college where I will start off at a junior college stay there for two years and get my Associates degree, then after two years transfer to a university and stay there for another two years to get my bachelors degree. And if you're asking what my physical goal is, it is to be healthy and fit so that I could I live a happy and healthy lifestyle along side with my family.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Out of your comfort zone

Ever since i was little i could recall that i was a very outgoing person willing to try and do new things but as i got older i started to realize that there was somethings that i would do all the time and now i don't do those things anymore or as much as i use to. I believe that this might be because of society and our world today, because people are so quick to assume or judge people without even knowing the full story behind whatever it is they may be doing or they just pick on people and judge them because they don't have anything better to do and so they need to do something to fulfill enjoyment in their life and the first thing that comes to mind is to pick on someone else. When i started to realize that society was like this i started to shut down and not do most things that i would because i was afraid of being judged or looked at as if i were weird or different. I realized that about the time i started middle school, now that i am in high school i've became to realize that i don't have to hide who i really am just because i am afraid of people judging me and that i should do whatever i feel comfortable doing no matter what anybody says because in the long run those people are not going to affect you or what you do in your life, there not helping you get an education, they're not helping you get a job and they're not going to be paying your bills so there is absolutely no reason you should care of what they do or say about you.

Who has shaped your perception of reality?

YML stated that ¨Culture can shape our view of the world.Many studies have shown that people from different cultures see and perceive things differently and that is probably due to how their culture shaped the way they view the world. While I agree with this idea, I think people often overlook how culture can be different for each individual and therefore affected by it differently. From these previous studies, people have over-generalized the findings to large sum of population under such broadly labeled culture and based on my personal experience, I would like to argue how we should not just label people into culture in terms we often do.¨ I strongly agree that culture does shape many people's perception of reality because everyone basis there life around what is on the internet and what other people are doing with there life and no one wants to think for themselves or live there reality the way they want to live it because they don't want to be seen as different they want to be like everyone else so they are going to try there hardest to do and be like everyone else so no one looks at them differently.For me it's not so much like that, my aunt has helped me a lot to figure out the way i see reality for myself and not what others look at it as, because at the end of the day all those people that you are looking to, to be just like are not going to help you at all in the long run, they're not going to be there to help you get a better education or to help get a job and pay your bills so why are you going to let someone else deprive you of looking at reality the way you want to.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My Life as a reader

In my earliest memories of reading I can recall that I actually use to enjoy reading and every time I reached a new level of reading accuracy I was so excited and proud of myself for being at a newer and higher level, I remember that I would always want to read no matter where I was at or the time of day it was, if it was dinner time and my parents told me to put down my book for just a second I refused, but as I got older I started to grow out of the habit of wanting to read all time and I then actually came to the point where instead of refusing to put the book down I refused to pick the book up and read it. I remember that my most favorite book was the ¨Secret Garden¨. I loved reading that book at all times I even recall reading it more than four times, it was most definitely my favorite book when I was younger. Now that I am older like I had recently said i'm not very fond of reading but I do read every so often and as of right now one of my current favorite book would have to be the ¨Kite Runner¨. The kite runner is one of my favorite book because it shows how life was for the people that had to live through the Afghanistan war and the aftermath of 9/11, it showed the struggles that they had to go through as kids to the time that they were grown adults and the many secrets that were kept from the main character Amir that his father never told him about there slave Hassan who later he finds out is actually is his brother. This book has changed my perception on reading because even though I thought the book was going to be really boring it is actually my favorite book and I enjoy reading it, so the term ¨Don't judge a book by its cover¨ should be taken more seriously on other books that I come across.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What is interesting?

I think it is interesting how much people rely on technology nowadays. There is not a day that goes by that someone does not use technology in their day at least once throughout the day. We use technology just by opening and closing the fridge and we don't even realize that we just used some type of technology in the world. Technology is around us everywhere that we go from cars to automatic doors in the grocery store, And because our world is so based on technology all the things that people use to do on there own no longer exists because we rely on technology and social media to do everything and tell us everything that we need or want to know, and no one wants to try and do things for themselves because why do something when you can have something do it for you whether is may be looking for a definition or washing dishes, etc, it could most definitely be anything in the world that technology can do for us and we refuse to do it ourselves because all our life we have relied on these things to do it for us and we have never had to do it for ourselves, but as time and the days go on people are learning more and more of how to do things on there own but they still have the reliability on other technologies for other things that they may not be learning about at that time.